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Kids Martial Arts Classes in Battle Ground, WA

Learning Taekwondo will help provide a solid foundation for your child to succeed in every aspect of their life!

Taekwondo is a Sport that helps keep the mind and body healthy

The first thing our students learn is RESPECT!  Respect is the core foundation of Taekwondo.

Most children these days spend hours in front of a tv or smart device.  This leads to inactivity and decreased physical fitness.  Taekwondo is a fun way to stay active and build your strength, flexibility, coordination, reflexes and athletic skills.  You learn forms, kicks and self-defense that is all focused on respecting yourself and your surroundings.

Amazing things happen when learning Taekwondo

When learning a martial arts, amazing changes are made by our students.  As they progress and skills improve, it boosts their self-image and self-esteem.  Our students become more confident and take pride in their accomplishments and are not afraid of the challenges they face.

The Solution to Bully Problems is here

Bullies often seek out those who are weaker, younger and more vulnerable than themselves.  Through Taekwondo training, your child will earn to be more assertive, speak up and resist intimidation and peer pressure.

Focus and Self Discipline = Good Grades

Parents and teachers notice the difference when children start our program.  As they gain self discipline, your child will be more efficient at homework.  Taekwondo teaches perseverance, in which our students will gain a longer attention span and also set short term and long term goals.

The Road to Becoming a Black Belt Builds Character and Courtesy

As students advance in the curriculum, they learn that Taekwondo is fun, exciting and rewarding but isn't always easy.  Taekwondo school "Dojang" is a space of respect and courtesy in which our students not only learn a martial arts but they learn the important life skills. 

Benefits of Juniors Program at Master Oh's HS Taekwondo:

  • Exciting and High Energy Classes

  • Enhances Strength and Coordination

  • Building Character, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline

  • Expert, Experienced Instructors

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