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Our Digital Learning Camp will be held at our Battle Ground location.  The purpose is to provide a safe, supervised environment for your child to do their online classes and assignments.  It will also provide additional physical activity, creative stimulus and socialization.  The program will be available to cover the full school day, and would be offered as long as school districts are running their modified schedules.

Our proposed daily schedule will include:

  • Student Drop off beginning at 8:30 AM

  • Supervised academic time - We will keep kids on task (students will supply their own computer, headphones and school supplies.

  • Daily Taekwondo or other physical sports (with proper distancing observed)

  • Outdoor activity - weather permitting

  • Arts & Crafts Time - to stimulate creative thinking

  • Additional educational challenges

  • Reading time

  • Pick up time will be by 3:30 PM (Registered Taekwondo students may attend their classes)

Specific times for academics and activities will be determined once more specific information is provided from our local school districts.

Digital Learning Camp Registration Process

Note: In order to conform with Washington State laws, our program is not considered a day care center, but a "drop in" recreation program.  The following process was recommended to us by the local day care licensing officials, and has been designed for us to maintain our classification as a "drop in" facility.

  1. To be eligible to make use of the camp, interested families will need to pay a one time registration fee of $30 per child to join our Digital Learning Camp.

  2. Membership in the Digital Learning Camp is on first come first serve basis and is subject to daily capacity restrictions.  Initially we intend to accept no more than 10 students per day.  However, since most students will not be attending every day, we will be able to offer more than 10 memberships.

  3. After paying the $30 per child registration fee online, you will receive a receipt of payment email.  At this stage, paying the camp registration fee guarantees your "place in line" and is not a confirmation of your child's place in camp.  That email will also include a link to a more detailed form about your camp days needed.  Families will be asked to complete that form no later than Monday, August 31st at 5 PM.

  4. Our staff will review the request and determine the maximum number of members that we can accept.

  5. We will do the best we can to finalize and notify families of their membership approval as quickly as possible.  We intend to notify families of whether or not their child will be able to attend camp by Tuesday, September 1st.  Any family who is not able to receive a spot will receive a refund of their registration fee.

  6. Once capacity has been reached, registrations can be refunded or held if you wish to be placed on our waiting list.  (Waiting list families will be notified if space opens up).

  7. Because only club members will be allowed to attend Digital Learning Camp (and we will be limiting the number of members), we are confident that families will be able to "drop in" for each of the days they have requested.

  8. Families will be charged at the end of the week for each day of camp that they utilized.  The daily rate will be $45 per child.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we continue to refine and improve our Digital Learning Camp procedures.  This scenario is new for everyone, however, with years of experience running martial arts classes, special events and summer camps, we know that we will be able to provide a safe, structured, and fun experience for everyone.

Your Child's Health & Safety is Our First Priority

We have taken numerous measures to enhance the safety of our campers:

Daily Arrival/Check-In

  • Temperature checks upon arrival

  • Health screening questions upon arrival

  • Hand sanitizing upon arrival

Classroom Area

  • Supervised socially distanced learning

  • Personal working stations for each child a minimum of 6 feet apart

  • Individual bins for each child's school supplies and personal belongings

  • Individual school supplies (provided by family)

  • Wearing Masks required

Taekwondo Training & Physical Activity

  • Each student will have their own socially distant training area

  • Individual Wavemaster heavy bags

  • All students entering and leaving the mat will be required to use hand sanitizer

  • Mats and training equipment sprayed down with hospital grade disinfectant after each session

  • Students will bring their own water bottles

Outdoor Activity

  • Weather permitting, we will try to spend some time outside daily

Snack & Lunch Times

  • Campers bring lunch & 2 snacks - eating at designated & distanced workspace

  • Hand washing before and after food

Other Facility Preparations

  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility

  • Individual school supplies remain with the campers or in their personal bin at all times

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times per day

Pick-Up Procedures

  • Curbside Pick-Up


  • Digital Learning Camp Staff will have a cell phone


Rates & Terms

Daily Procedures

Safety Protocols

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Click here for Daily Procedures

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Click here for Safety Protocols

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